Broadcasting Digitization Construction Requirements for Regulator Equipment
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  With the rapid development of China's broadcasting and TV industry, computer room equipment has evolved from analog to digital. The development of electronic tube transmitters has become a digital all-solid-state transmitter. The requirements for power quality of broadcast and television equipment have further increased. Pressure, lightning surge spikes, and severe harmonics in the power grid have seriously affected the normal operation of launch equipment.

  Due to the high frequency interference, line and line, and radio frequency interference of the transmission equipment, a large number of harmonic currents are injected into the power grid, causing distortion of the AC sine wave. In general, analog control and analog instruments will inevitably produce control and measurement errors. The SBW(S)-GD microcomputer controlled radio and television special voltage regulator is the accumulated experience of our company's supporting transmission equipment for several years and has been scientifically researched, designed and manufactured. SBW(S)-GD series voltage regulator control system adopts digital circuit microcomputer (CPU) control, special radiation protection interference, install shielding shield on the control circuit board to avoid radiation causing the control system to "run out of control"; to meet the special requirements of broadcasting and TV Industry requirements, regulators for maintenance, with manual or automatic bypass device direct power supply. Optional remote RS-232 serial port and parallel interface remote regulator remote control. The central control unit provides the following information and operations: 1. The working status of the regulator; 2. Alarm information; 3. Measurement data; 4. Operation of the regulator; flexible setting of various parameters, easy operation; Lightning protection system can solve the problem of lightning protection and surge in the wide motor room; the input can be equipped with two-way power supply automatic switching device; the output can be installed with multiple control switches to achieve multiple transmitter control voltage regulator; full-featured.

  SBW (S)-GD microcomputer control radio and television dedicated voltage regulator in practical applications, equipment stability, low energy consumption, easy maintenance and other advantages are very prominent. Our company's products not only overcome the above problems, but also improve the precision of the voltage regulator, and make the circuit design more perfect.

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