Regulator sales prospects and development of favorable policies
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  With the arrival of a new wave of power investment, power transmission and transformation equipment manufacturers will be in full load in the next few years, showing a booming production and sales situation and a very prosperous situation. As an important branch of the power transmission and distribution industry, the regulator manufacturing industry is singing all the way. Due to the transmission of China's West-to-East power supply, mutual supply between the North and the South, and the implementation of the national network, the demand for voltage stabilizers will continue to grow steadily.

  According to IHSiSuppli's research, regulators will continue to grow at a faster rate than the overall analog integrated circuit (IC) market and the semiconductor market. The compound annual growth rate for 2009-2015 will reach 16.0%.

  In contrast, the combined annual growth rate of the overall analog IC market and the overall semiconductor market during the same period was 11.9% and 6.3%, respectively. The regulator is a fast-growing market, with sales expected to grow from $9.1 billion in 2010 to $16.3 billion in 2015. The annual growth rate is higher than other analog IC markets.

  Leading supplier

  Regulators account for the largest proportion of general-purpose analog IC operating revenue. Therefore, maintaining a strong position in the regulator field will eventually boost the revenue growth of analog IC vendors.

  In 2010, Texas Instruments (TI) was the leader in this field, with related operating revenues of US$1.7 billion, which accounted for 18.0% of the market. Maxim Integrated Products ranks second with operating revenue of US$936 million and holds a 10.2% share. National Semiconductor’s regulator’s operating revenue was US$758 million, with a share of 8.3%.

  The advantage of Texas Instruments is analog, and ADI is dominant in data converters.

  In the field of general-purpose analog ICs, Texas Instruments is the strongest. The company ranked first in three of the four general-purpose analog domains, including regulators, amplifiers, and interface ICs. Overall, TI's general-purpose analog ICs accounted for 57% of its total simulated revenue.

  One area in which Texas Instruments has not won the top spot is the data converter. Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) is the leader in this field. ADI has a 39% share in this area, followed by Texas Instruments with 22%.

  The data converters accounted for 54% of ADI's general-purpose analog IC revenue and 44% of its total semiconductor revenue. Although TI has made progress in narrowing the gap, ADI will dominate the data converter market in the foreseeable future.

  Regulator becomes an important target for energy saving during the "12th Five-Year Plan"

  In today's industry, energy-saving and emission-reduction have become the main goals, and this can not be an exception as a regulator. Although during the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period, China has made unremitting efforts in energy-saving and emission reduction, but Still far from enough, in the long-term future, we still have to face greater pressures for energy conservation and emission reduction, and this pressure is mainly concentrated in the industrial sector.

  According to relevant officials of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, during the “12th Five-Year Plan” period, China will focus on key industries, key parks, key enterprises, and key products to promote industrial energy conservation, pollution reduction, and pollution control to a new level. The development of recycling economy and remanufacturing industry and energy conservation and environmental protection equipment.

  At the beginning of 2011, relevant ministries and commissions have successively introduced relevant policy documents to actively promote the development of the energy saving and environmental protection equipment industry. On January 5, 2011, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the "Catalogue of Application of Energy-saving and Emission-reduction Electronic Information Technology in the Industrial Sector (Second Batch)", a total of 15 electronic information applications technologies that promote energy conservation and emission reduction, covering steel, nonferrous metals, petrochemicals, and building materials. , machinery and other key energy use industries. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology requires local competent authorities to actively promote the application of the energy conservation and emission reduction technologies listed in the “Catalogue” in the process of project approval, energy conservation technology and energy conservation management.

  From this point of view, in the "12th Five-Year Plan" energy-saving emission reduction plan, high-efficiency energy-saving technologies and equipment will remain an important link, and will continue to be supported by national policies.

  Among energy-saving technologies and equipment, voltage regulator energy-saving technologies and equipment are among the most critical links, and in the industrial field, how to save energy is the most important task for China's industrial energy-saving emission reduction targets. As one of the basic industries for industrial development, the electrical industry can provide a wide range of technical support for energy conservation and emission reduction. Therefore, due to the advancement of the entire energy conservation industry, regulator energy-saving technologies and equipment will become the key breakthroughs in key areas.

  As the world's largest regulator market and the most determined energy-saving and emission-reduction action countries, the future of China's energy-saving industry will attract world attention. The Chinese regulator companies with extraordinary strength after the test of market competition have the first-mover advantage and numerous opportunities for innovation in the local market. This requires regulator entrepreneurs and scientists and technicians to show their wisdom and efforts in the country. The smooth implementation of energy-saving and emission-reduction strategies provides energy-saving new technologies, new products and services, while sharing this unprecedented development opportunity and achieving a win-win situation.

  Need to take the road of independent innovation

  For decades, China's electric power has developed rapidly, power supply has become tense, large-scale development has brought about great prosperity, and huge power construction has brought opportunities and challenges to the regulator industry, prompting the industry to achieve great development.

  In recent years, the prices of core materials and conductive materials used in electronic products have continued to rise, and upstream raw materials have formed a seller’s market. As a power supply user of downstream electronic voltage regulators, they can select and purchase globally to form a buyer's market. In the middle of the electronic voltage regulator industry, only take the road of technological innovation, in order to get rid of this dilemma. However, in the mature electronic voltage regulator industry, technological innovation is more difficult. However, the improvement of every small link can bring new ideas and new products.

  To take the road of technological innovation, we must always remember the purpose to be achieved. The electronic voltage regulator in the power supply, like any product that is a commodity, carries out any technological innovation. It must complete specific functions under specific conditions of use, and pursue the best performance and price ratio. Today's power supply products are generally characterized by "lightness, thinness, shortness, and smallness," and are becoming smaller and more portable. Electronic voltage regulators must accommodate the volume and weight requirements of the user's power supply products. At the same time, the price of raw materials for electronic voltage regulators rose. Therefore, how to reduce the volume and weight, how to reduce the cost, has become the main direction of the development of electronic voltage regulators in recent years.

  The number of units engaged in the research, development and production of electronic voltage regulators in China has exceeded 2,000, of which state-owned, private and foreign-funded enterprises. Although China already has considerable strength in terms of small capacity and occupies an important position in the international market, in terms of high-capacity, ultra-high-capacity voltage regulators, China’s technological strength is still very weak, which has resulted in developed countries in Europe and America. The high-capacity, ultra-high-capacity voltage regulator market can not enter China, which will hinder the future development of China's regulator industry, and it needs to cause a high degree of concern.

  With the rapid development of China's national economy, the demand for electricity is also increasing. As the main equipment in the power transmission and transformation system, the voltage regulator has also achieved considerable development. Not keeping up with the pace of the market and adapting to the needs of users, many regulator manufacturers have actively reformed and developed new products in the hope that they will not be eliminated by the market.

  The domestic regulator industry has introduced advanced technology from abroad, which has greatly increased the variety of regulator products, the level, and the capacity of high-voltage regulators. The types of regulators produced by domestic companies include ultra high voltage regulators, converter regulators, hermetically sealed regulators, epoxy resin dry regulators, wound core regulators, and combined regulators. In addition, with the constant application of new materials and new processes, domestic regulator manufacturers have also continuously developed and developed various types of voltage regulators. Innovation will be a major development direction for the regulator industry.

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