Standard voltage regulator's technical parameters should have characteristics
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  In fact, from the time when Edison invented the electric light and humanity began to move toward the bright age, the use and efficient use of voltage and energy has gradually become an indispensable energy type in people's daily lives. With the progress of the times and the constant innovation and development of technology, the energy use from home to the city, from city to society, and even the world, has also changed from the proper use of the beginning to the excessive consumption and waste of energy today. Therefore, in order to well control the use of voltage and energy, relevant professionals have also invented a voltage regulator that can well control the energy input and output values to reduce excessive energy consumption and waste. So, for a high-performance regulator device, what are the characteristic advantages of the regulator device that it should have?

  If we really want to differentiate the type of regulators, we can distinguish them as self-coupled and compensated, these two types of regulator equipment types. Among them, the self-coupling type of voltage stabilizing device, that is, regardless of the size of the volume or the output of the voltage and other issues, are all incompatible with the specifications of the compensation type voltage stabilizing device, and non-compensatory type of voltage stabilizing device. In the size of non-compensated voltage regulators, the single-phase capacity is basically in the range of 0.5 to 3,000 VA; the three-phase capacity is also in the range of 9,000 VA. Within the following capacity.

  Comparing the single-phase capacity (5 kV anrmant and above) and the three-phase capacity (15 kVA and above) of the compensation regulator, the voltage capacity of the self-coupling regulator is characteristic. To be much smaller. Because of this, auto-couplers are non-compensated regulators, and are used in households where energy usage is not high. At the same time, in the operating system of the compensation-type voltage stabilization equipment, there is also a compensation transformer that is not provided by the auto-regulation equipment, and there will be no problem of 110-watt voltage output.

  The characteristic advantage of voltage stabilization equipment is that it controls the input and output values of voltage and energy in the home or production room, which reduces the excessive consumption of energy and waste, and at the same time ensures that consumers and production personnel can be safe. Use household appliances, machinery and equipment.

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